The following are established rental policies adopted by Banbury Place, Inc. All applicants will be accepted or rejected for residency. No person(s) will be denied occupancy based on membership in any protected class, according to local, state and federal fair housing laws. Banbury Place, Inc., reserves the right to make exception to and to modify this Rental Policy from time to time without notice.

  1. Applicants may not pay more than 1/4 of monthly gross income for rent. In exceptional circumstances (such as no other debts, payments, credit record of prompt payment of all debts) 1/3 of monthly gross income for rent may be considered. Monthly gross income includes monies from all lawful sources of income and savings. In the absence of appropriate income or savings, a co-signer may guarantee rental payments by signature, in person, on lease. Co -signer shall qualify by virtue of credit reference and record of timely payment of debts.

  2. Applicant(s) credit report shall reflect a habit of prompt payment of debts and no unsatisfied judgments. A co-signer Guarantor may be requested in the absence of a satisfactory credit report.

  3. A reliable and satisfactory past housing reference may be required. IF applicant has no prior rental history, a co-signer may be required. Past housing reference shall include; A.) record of timely payment of rent; B.) record of abiding by management rules; C.) record of not disturbing other residents; and D.) record of respect of property.

  4. All information on the Application Form must be completed. Any falsification of information on the application shall be grounds for rejections.

  5. No person(s) will be accepted for residency who has a record of conviction of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or is a user of a controlled substance. Revelation of such use of an illegal substance shall be grounds for eviction.

  6. No person(s) will be accepted for residency who has a record of a felonious crime.

  7. No more than two persons per bedroom or more than two unrelated person may occupy a unit. This policy shall be applied consistently to ALL qualified applicants, regardless of their membership in any protected class.